For more information about the festival "BETTER TOMORROW- Filmmakers to Watch", including BETTER LUCK TOMORROW, I'LL CALL YOU, HEAVENLY KINGS and LOVE STORY, please click HERE.

Better Luck Tomorrow

Ben is a perfectionist and overachiever whose tunnel vision leads to nothing less than graduating at the top of his class. As he struggles to achieve social success, he discovers his darker side. He and his friends: Virgil, Daric and Han lead a double life of mischief and petty crimes to alleviate the pressures of perfection. As their adopted identity grows, the gang tumbles into a downward spiral of excitement, excess and fun.

The Heavenly Kings

The Heavenly Kings will take you along on a crazy, frenetic, and oftentimes hilarious journey to the peaks and the bowels of the entertainment business. Is it reality or is it ALIVE’s twisted point of view? Watch and decide for yourself.

I’ll Call You

Manny works as a clerk in a shipping company. His life is truly non-eventful and dull, until he meets the beautiful but highly arrogant Karen. By day, Karen is a two-bit host on a home shopping network. Manny’s affection towards Karen is obvious, but she thinks of him as nothing more than a friend…

Love Story

A theatre usher looks everywhere for love only to find it in a library book. And a pulp-romance writer confuses fact with fiction and learns that true love comes only after a great loss. The stories that flow from the desire to find true love lead us through across time, space and consequences…

Tickets are available online at

       (For more info, please call 02-3393 9888)

Theater Locations

  In89 Digital Cinema in Taipei

  Wonderful Cinemas in Taichung

  Oscar Digital Theaters in Kaohsiung

Information Hotlines

  Serenity Entertainment International 02-2727 1303






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